Tuesday, May 22, 2012

News story on WWAY

Thank you to everyone who is visiting my blog after reading or seeing the news story. Knowing that people care means so much to me.

This morning I got up early to meet with Katie for an interview. After everything Mill Creek put me through and the mounting pile of bills (6 so far this week), it was a breathe of fresh are to meet with her, and just knowing that anyone cares makes all the difference sometimes. (if you hadn't read it and are getting this forwarded to you you can read the story here: http://www.wwaytv3.com/2012/05/22/only-3-cancer-patient-shocked-when-one-late-payment-led-to-eviction-notice)

Once the story posted I read the article and even though the apartment complex took back the eviction notice, it was only because I'd had no choice but to pay them the fines or go to court, so I used the money I'd set aside for the electric bill this month to pay them so I wouldn't have to leave and could keep going to school.

Hopefully at some point things will get a little easier, and I just have to make it through the summer, after that I'll at least have student loans which while I know I'll be paying them back for a long time to come at least it'll be there to help with the room and board part anyways.


  1. OK, so generally i don't get involved in things like this...But, your a fighter, not a winer. so here;s the deal: I'm a licensed Charter Captain and a licensed Gen. Contractor..what that means is i know a lot of people, and what I'm gonna do is cut/paste this and send out a request for help, which will be multiplied tenfold. This is all i ask..pay it forward. Me.

    1. Thank you, I very much appreciate the help and support, and will personally do everything I can to pay forward the kindness I have been shown.